Objective: To provide investors with a long term investment return greater than those achieved from cash, fixed interest and balanced portfolios.

Investment Strategy: The Fund invests, using a multi manager approach, mainly in equity and property assets with a very low allocation to fixed interest and cash assets. The fund also employs a level of internal gearing to generate these excess returns.

Time Frame: An investor seeking higher returns with a focus on long-term outcomes combined with little regard for short-term results including a higher incidence of capital loss. Minimum 7 years.

Market Exposure: The benchmark market exposure for the portfolio is outlined below:

Aggressive Asset Allocation

Investment Strategy Provide investors with a high allocation to growth assets including Australian & International equities and Australian property, utilising the benefits of moderate gearing.
Suitable for Investors with very high risk tolerance and long investment timeframe
Suitable timeframe 7 years plus
Recommended Minimum $20,000, as balances below this amount may incur a small account keeping fee
Approx. % of portfolio in shares and property 90%
Volatility High
Returns High

The below chart represents where a diversified aggressive portfolio sits in relation to other portfolio types and asset classes.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
Investment returns are as at 30th June 2010.
The SR50 Index & SR25 Index are the median returns of the largest 50 & 25 funds reviewed by super ratings.
They are a good guide to the actual return of the 'average' fund over the same time. Source: www.superratings.com.au